Ojas.guj – Industries Commissionerate (IC) – Industries Inspector Job – Government of Gujarat

Ojas.guj – Industries Commissionerate (IC) – Industries Inspector Job for Government of Gujarat


Gujarat government requires Senior /Junior Inspector, rush for your chance


It is a great chance for engineering candidates to join a job in the government sector by applying for the post of Senior/Junior industry inspector which appeared in an advertisement published in the newspaper recently.


Apart from published in the paper, the information regarding the post, the eligibility criteria and the amount to be paid to post holder and also the dates for the submission of application and the date of publishing result is present there. But apart from that to make all the points given there clear this article is posted for helping the applicants with all the necessary information.


The number of post where applicants can apply is two which includes senior industry inspector and junior industry inspector .Both the post are quite heavy and needs lots of experience to apply for. It should not be misinterpreted that the post of junior industry inspector doesn’t need any experience .The eligibility criteria should be carefully noticed and maintained before applying as the decision from the government panel would be the ultimate decision and no arguments would be accepted after the results are out.


In the advertisement numbered NDCOM/201112/1 and INDCOM/201112/2 the details about the job are mentioned which says that the application form downloading has started after the advertisement has appear and the date mentioned there is from 28/01/2012.There are contact conformations given in case any person has some queries regarding the process of submitting application from and other information they want to know. 1800 233 5500 is the toll free number which any applicant can call.


There is also anther source of information available which is through website ojas.guj.nic.in where all the information and the application are clearly mentioned. The application form is available from the newspaper and also in the website given. The job details and the salary amounts would be available in the website link mentioned above. The one criteria that should be cleared is that of the candidate should be a graduate holding an engineering degree and should have minimum tenure of being experienced or have worked in the field of being inspector or on such post.


There is no barrier of age limit mentioned in the advertisement. In case applicants want to know about those details they are free to call or check in the website. It is clearly mentioned there. The other important things mentioned include the last date of submission of the application form any what are the documents to be submitted during the interview.


The result and the date of the interview would be mentioned later in the same website in pre mentioned time and applicants would check the results there. The salary amount is also to be check from the website beside for both the job categories. The number of application is not fixed and that anyone can apply who have the mentioned criteria fulfilled. The job is a very good opportunity for those who want to get the security of a government job and earn on high scale. It needs both luck and educational qualification.